Free The Spirit project in Luton, Beds.

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What is Free The Spirit and what are the plans?
Free The Spirit is a project to create an 
alternative way of life in Luton and 
Bedfordshire, based on the freedom to work, rest 
and play in a non commercial, not for private profit environment.

Where is the site for Free The Spirit and how will it look?
The plan is to set up community ownership and use 
of the disused chalk pits at Upper Sundon, Luton. 
The Free the Spirit Festival centre will provide 
a permanent venue for hosting monthly community 
music and arts festivals, as well as a wide range 
of outdoor activities and projects.

Layout and infrastructure
The sub terrain of the festival site is already 
designed to take whatever nature can throw at it, 
and we will benefit from the fact that this is 
going to be a permanent feature. With the 
installation of a comprehensive network of french 
drains, soak-away trench’s and soil removal 
systems we can enjoy the true spirit of the 
festival without sacrificing comfort and sanitation.

French drain system
A French drain system will be installed to area,s 
A1 – A15 capable of removing as much water as the 
worst storm in 100 years could deliver to the 
site. This is a herringbone design with spines 
connected to the surface water soak away network.

Surface water soak-away network
A network of soak away channels will be installed 
mainly following the line of the paths to collect 
the water from the paths and the French drain spines.

Aquacell soak-away pit
A huge soak-away pit is to be installed under the 
main arena for the collection of surface water 
from the surface water soak-away network.

Soil pumping station + concrete chamber
The site is fitted with a pumping station fed by 
a conclusive soil drainage network which can 
remove all waste and soil to the local sewage 
network with a view to installing large scale 
composting systems for the future. The initial 
system can cope in the event of a total failure 
preventing any soil contamination within the site at any time.

Soil drainage network
The soil drainage network is installed to collect 
foul and waste water from all the toilets and for 
waste from food venues and smaller music venues.

Paths and roads
A special surface material will be used for road 
and path surfaces called “Breedon” this is strong 
enough for a fire engine to drive on and smooth 
enough for a wheel chair to roll over yet 
maintaining the look and feel of a natural pathway.

Initially the site will be powered by 2 heavy 
duty generators with a definitive plan to move 
toward carbon free natural energy over the 
following years built in to the running costs.

Water Supply
The entire water supply for the site will be 
supplied from a single bore whole and a UV water 
purification system in conjunction with 2 very 
large water tanks delivering the purest water 
free from chlorine and 
Detailed images and plans of the layout and infrastructure
+44 (0)7786 952037
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