Urgent Ideas Request - October Levellers' Event

Mark Barrett marknbarrett at googlemail.com
Sun Jul 15 00:00:44 BST 2012

Dear Friends and Occupiers :)
Levellers Event - Urgent Request for Ideas*

Following GA endorsement for the concept back in December, you may have
heard some of us (from the Occupy London Economics, Real Democracy Working
Groups, and Commons Grouping) are attempting to facilitate a *21st Century
Putney Debates* / Levellers' Event *this coming October.

As part of the preparation, I'm casting around for everyone's ideas on what
this event should be about. For the first stage, everyone who wishes the
event to be a success is invited to say, *in three sentences *what they
would like to happen, and what they want from the Levellers' event.

This request for *input in three sentences *is stage one in a three stage
planning process being developed by Sean B of EWG, using Agile.

So, if you are inspired by the idea of holding an event inspired by this
please get in touch with your ideas on what it should be about, and what
you would like to get out of it. In case you're wondering the request for
three separate bullet point-like sentences is important for the
collaborative Agile process which Sean and John B both know all about.

Anyway, this is getting kind of urgent as we are nearly in August. Also I
will be away for Ramadan, so please help us get the show on the road in
good time by sending something back by latest Wednesday evening so then I
can process the responses and send them all in one batch to Sean for stage
two to go forward with all your wonderful ideas in the mix!

More info on the history of the Putney Debates* is set out below.

Love and Solidarity


[*The original Putney Debates, groundbreaking in their time started at St
Mary's Church (Giles Fraser's old parish) on October 28th 1647. They ran
until November 11th, considering the future of the English Constitution
after the removal of the King from the old political order. And of course
the Levellers, who sought a democratic constitution based on an 'Agreement
of the People,' were famously excluded from the final political
settlement.  You can read more about them here:
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