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*Community Housing Petition*

The attached petition and accompanying statement has been presented to the

Please circulate widely the attached and summary below and invite people to
support this initiative which has been set up by the Occupy London
Economics Working Group (EWG).

There are also calls to develop a London and UK-wide campaign for housing,
 and /or possible a union for homeless, unemployed and low income workers.

For more info or to assist in any way pls email crdlondon at gmail.com and
lsxcampeconomics at googlegroups.com

Love and Solidarity


We are calling for the building of 200,000 Community homes a year at truly
affordable rents, achieved with a fully imaginative programme fit for an
advanced society in the 21st Century. These should be of high quality in
the comprehensive spirit of social, environmental and sustainable design.
This will result in the creation of 1 million new ‘units’ over five years.

Faced with an evolving crisis in housing, it is difficult to find any
persuasive argument against such a programme. This not only gives the
opportunity to begin to redress the profound failure of housing policies,
but also guarantees predictable generation of internal economy activity
when all else has failed.

The funding and land value issues of this project are not a matter of
feasibility but of will, driven by social and fiscal responsibility.

This overall plan has natural echoes with many who have been greatly
concerned with these issues, and some of the narrative inevitably reflects
certain policy suggestions of others. We are grateful for the comments and
advice we have received. This initiative from Occupy stems from the major
concerns that we have encountered in the wider community, along with the
undeniable need for a programme to reverse long term serial neglect and
mismanagement and address both the social and profound economic
implications of housing policy.


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