Illegal eviction Met assault in Notting Hill share far and wide

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share far and wide

Wednesday mornings fraudulent eviction

Sheriff of Notting Hill: London Police Brutally Assault Diabetic Heart Patient, Twice

RMI Currency/Value Study 2011

The background to this ‘case’ is less important at this moment than the circumstances by which the police have become bonecracking policy enforcers rather than fulfilling their customary role as peace officers. RMI’s favourite Italian scholar and Notting Hill resident Umberto Silvestri is now recuperating from the latest bout of revenue-raising thuggery and we pray his heart holds out for a speedy recovery.

Today, police were working for RBKC TMO. The Tenant Management Organisation is a bastard corporate child of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Their rule is; ”Pay and don’t ask questions, any questions whatsoever!” Umberto’s mistake was that he asked far too many questions. Nobody actually knows the true structure of their edifice but one thing is certain, most if not all the ‘services costs’ passed on to RBKC tenants are the responsibility of a primary Lessee, a.k.a. the council and their Sheriff.

More to come as outrage develops

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