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Sat Jul 21 23:50:09 BST 2012

Hi, Miguel Marques wrote this on Facebook:

    "Hello! I'm a portuguese documentary director, this is the link to
my film Pots, Pans and Other Solutions, filmed in Iceland last year.

    Iceland is the first European country to wake up to an economic
crash, people became aware that they could and should intervene in
society and started demanding more democratic participation.
    The payment of bank debts by citizens went to referendum. The
government was forced to create a Council to write a new constitution:
a citizens’ group - without politicians, lawyers or university
professors – who opened the discussion process to everybody and
managed to approve by consensus a draft proposal.

    In Iceland, many citizens are now organized in associations and
have substantial proposals for a society where everyone can

    In this film you will meet Iceland Democracy Movements that the
media never talk about.

    I hope you like it and share it, tanks "

Movie is in English with Portuguese subtitles.

Apathy is Dead !

Apathy is Dead !
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