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BBC2, 10:00 PM, Sunday 21st October

Details in Grauniad article below.
See also Bill Forsyth's 'Local Hero' portrayal of Trump at --



Local Hero film-maker takes swing at Donald Trump for 'malign bullying'

Bafta-winning director Bill Forsyth shocked by film that reveals 'lives put 
to hazard and craven political behaviour' over resort

Severin Carrell, The Guardian, Wednesday 17th October 2012

The film-maker Bill Forsyth has claimed that people living next to Donald 
Trump's golf course have suffered from "malign, egotistical bullying" and 
"craven" political behaviour comparable to living in communist-era Romania.

In an article for the Guardian Forsyth said there were striking parallels 
between the experiences of Trump's neighbours in Aberdeenshire and the 
fictional disputes in his cult classic Local Hero involving a US billionaire 
who wants to buy a remote Scottish beach and village.

The director, who won a Bafta for Local Hero in 1983, said that a highly 
critical documentary on the Trump golf course called You've Been Trumped, 
which will be broadcast on UK television for the first time this Sunday, had 
left him "dazed and shocked".

Forsyth, right, said: "We're watching real lives and livelihoods 
mercilessly put to hazard by a malign concoction of egotistical bullying, 
corporate muscle flexing, craven averting of gaze by national politicians 
and crass misreading of events by local authorities including police."

The documentary, which recorded Trump's neighbours losing their water 
supply, having vast earth walls built outside their homes and the film-
makers arrested, was "a moving depiction of human survival and dignity 
amidst murky doings akin to seventies Romania."

Many cited Local Hero after one of Trump's most stubborn neighbours, 
Michael Forbes, resisted the property developer's repeated efforts to buy 
and demolish his home to expand the golf resort. Trump said Forbes's home 
was a "pigsty" and a "slum" and called Forbes "dirty" and "a loser".

In 2010, Lord Puttnam, who produced Local Hero with Forsyth, emerged as one 
of 60 protesters against the course who had bought small parcels of land 
from Forbes to thwart attempts to compulsorily purchase Forbes's home.

Forsyth writes that Trump emerged from the documentary as an 
unsophisticated, shallow "Johnny One Note" whose character "would have very 
limited utility in a sophisticated fictional drama. That's not to deny his 
usefulness elsewhere, say in a comparatively primitive or cheap drama."

Trump reacted to news that the documentary was being shown on BBC2 by 
launching a tirade on Twitter against its director, Anthony Baxter, and 
other "morons" who criticised his now mothballed £750m resort, which was to 
be built at the course.

Trump stated: "All the morons that cause the controversy in Scotland have 
made my development far more successful than anticipated."

He then added that the film, which has now been screened in US cinemas and 
was acclaimed by the radical filmmaker Michael Moore, had helped him 
"promote & make Trump International Golf Links Scotland so successful you 
stupid fool!" In another tweet, he told Baxter: "Your documentary has died 
many deaths. You have, in my opinion, zero talent."

The documentary's broadcast on Sunday night is an awkward piece of timing 
for the first minister Alex Salmond, once an influential supporter of Trump's 
£750m plan for a major golf resort in his Aberdeenshire constituency.

The Scottish National party wraps up its annual conference in Perth on 
Sunday, and the broadcast follows a fresh row over Salmond's formerly close 
relationship with Trump.

It emerged last week the first minister had written privately to Trump 
seeking his public support for the controversial decision to release 
Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing. Trump 

The pair have since fallen out publicly over Trump's repeated attacks on a 
government-backed offshore windfarm test site planned near his estate north 
of Aberdeen. Those intensified on Tuesday after Trump's lawyers threatened 
again to sue Scottish agencies supporting the windfarm proposal.

Trump's executive vice president and counsel, George Sorial, would not 
comment directly on Forsyth's remarks but said Baxter's film was "a gross 
misrepresentation of the facts."

Sorial said the project was widely supported by local people, business 
leaders and local politicians.

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