Call for images of 1996 Pure Genius in Wandsworth

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Mon Sep 17 23:07:47 BST 2012

Deal all

My name is Mia Heldam and I’m working for a small 
tv-station I Denmark named dk4. We broadcast 
tv-programs about music, film, theatre ect. Right 
now I’m finishing a program about the Danish 
singer Kira Skov. She lived in London for a 
couple of years and got famous for her band Kira 
and the Kindred Spirits. It was a rockband, 
but  she just made an album dedicated to Billie Holiday:


I’m following her for some days during the 
recording - and later on the tour around Denmark, 
and when she does charity work. She’s telling 
about her life – and how she lived in the eco 
village during 1996. I’ve got her personal photos 
from that time – but I need some general ones – 
I’ve seen some on Facebook; the Eco village-sign, 
the banner “Land of Freedom”  ect. Can you help 
me with that? I only need 2 or 3 of them and it’s 
not a problem, that it’s taken by a private 
person. It gives a personal touch. I don’t have 
money to pay because I’m on a small budget, but I 
can send you a copy of the program on dvd later 
on. In Danish. ;O)  And put you on the creditlist in the end of the program.

My email is: <mailto:mia at>mia at

Best wishes from Mia

Med venlig hilsen | Kind regards
Mia B. Heldam
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