[Diggers350] 'New Land League' aims to turn back tide of family evictions

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>Re evictions
>The legal way to stop evictions is to amend mortgage law.
>A mortgage is an inherently unequal contract 
>between a privileged corporation which is not  mortal, cannot go to jail
>cannot be recorded in the files of the  Criminal 
>Records Office -  and an individual.
>Consequences of the failure  of a borrower to 
>meet repayments should logically be limited 
>to  forfeiture of (part) ownership claims to the 
>property.  Eviction is unnecessary, a breach of 
>human rights (chapter 8 to a home and family 
>life)  and antisocial  (society has to to assume responsibility for rehousing).
>Incidentally spinning what bricklayers and 
>developers do as 'homemaking'  disguises  the 
>sacred nature of what people do  (and a few 
>tragically fail to do) - make a home.
>Adding  to the Memorandum  and Articles of 
>Association of every company a first clause 
>would emphasise the    overriding duty of care to the  community -
>"The first and over=riding duty  of the company 
>is to promote the  wellbeing of the wider  community.
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>Subject: [Diggers350] 'New Land League' aims to 
>turn back tide of family evictions
>'New Land League' aims to turn back tide of family evictions
>HUNDREDS of people have met to form a protest 
>organisation aimed at preventing the evictions of residents from their homes.
>About 350 members of a group called the 'New 
>Land League' arrived at Tommy Toughers Bar in 
>Nass, Co Kildare, for its inaugural meeting.
>One of their missions is to show up en masse 
>when a family or other homeowner is being 
>threatened with eviction through a bank's 
>repossession of their home or other property.
>The group has already intervened in the 
>evictions of families from their homes in Meath 
>and Kildare, as well as in 
>and Galway, where the New Land League's presence 
>has been enough to stop the eviction from taking place.
>Organiser Jerry Beades (55), from Drumcondra, 
>north Dublin, said the New Land League would 
>intervene and mount peaceful pickets at any 
>family home that was being repossessed by the banks.
>"How many tens of thousands of families are 
>behind in their mortgage repayments with the banks?" he asked.
>"Are they going to evict them all? It's 
>impossible. We are trying to impress upon them 
>that is just impossible. They have to come up 
>with meaningful and realistic solutions," he said.
>He said the turnout yesterday was phenomenal. 
>"We expected a few hundred people but there were 350," he said.
>People from as far afield as Donegal, Roscommon, 
>Galway, Cork and Tipperary, and from all walks 
>of life, from schoolteachers and gardai to 
>retired Army officers, attended the meeting, he said.
>What they share is a sense of anger over the 
>financial chaos that they, their neighbours and 
>family now find themselves in due to the actions 
>and inactions of Government and financial 
>institutions since the collapse of the economy, he said.
>"A lot of people are in all sorts of destitution 
>and we aim to be a voice of the people," he said.
>The gathering was not a political meeting but a 
>rallying cry for action by ordinary people, he said.
>"People are just sick to the teeth of the 
>existing politicians who don't know what's going 
>on," he said. "Our aim is to wake people up."
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