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Thu May 24 22:11:50 BST 2018

Dear Mower

Please find attached  The Windrow 13,  a newsletter about scythes and  
scything,  with up to date listings of courses and events. This issue  
has been edited by Colin Close.

There are still spaces on the  Improvers' Masterclass at the West  
Country Scythe Fair on 8 and 9 June. With three highly experienced   
teachers  (Steve Tomlin, Phil Batten and Christiane Laganda) this is  
designed to be the ideal course for anyone wishing to perfect their  
technique, teach scything, or  lead teams of volunteers — and you  
get to go to the wonderful Green Scythe Fair.  See page 3 of the  
attached Windrow, and note that the email to respond to, misprinted  
in the newsletter,  is this one:  scythes at

You will also be able to find this issue of The Windrow (along with  
back issues) on the Scythe Assocation website athttps://

About the General Data Protection Regulations

As you have no doubt experienced, many organisations have been asking  
people to fill in a form saying that they want to continue to remain  
in contact, and confirming  that they are not a robot. This is not a  
practical option for the Windrow list, which is managed manually ;  
nor do I consider it  necessary, for the following reasons:
  (a)  individuals on our email list have already given their active  
consent (either by ticking a box or by emailing me);
(b) we do not supply the email list to anyone else;
and (c) we send out all emails using Blind Carbon Copy,

If  you wish to unsubscribe please send this email back to me with  
"unsubscribe" written in the title bar. Your details will be deleted.

On the other hand, if you find the Windrow useful, feel free to send  
us an email saying so, or suggesting improvements.

With best wishes


Simon Fairlie
Monkton Wyld Court
01297 561359

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